‘Sir’ Alan Cathcart. (Renowned moto-journalist)

I doubt I ever went through the Broadford esses quicker on any of the fifty or so bikes I’ve
ridden at Broadford down the years, than I did on the TS³…

I could brake later and later on the angle into a turn like the 180º right hander by the Paddock
entrance, or best of all the uphill Turn 1 at the end of the pit straight, where holding off the
brakes to a point that would have been suicidal on a teleforked bike allowed me to
keep up hard earned uphill momentum as I rounded the turn onto the top straight…

…there, the TS³ rode the bumps on what amounts to a tarmac staircase really well, even with enough torque from the Desmodue motor to lift the front wheel over the first step, in which case even though there was no steering damper, it would only flap the front wheel once very quickly, before resuming normal service.

Under braking the TS³ demonstrated that it does not suffer from unbalancing oscillations in the front suspension where telescopic forks did.

What struck me at once the first time I rode the TS³ was how slim and nimble it was and I had a 900SS Ducati in my garage for 6 years, so I know how that handles, and the TS³ is way more agile in changing direct ion. It’s flickable and highly manoeuvrable without feeling nervous, with a wide 54º steering that results in an ultra tight turning circle little more than twice the length of the bike this would be a great bike to use in city streets, and ideal for
courier use!

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