About MOTOINNO TS# Motorbike Steering & Suspension

The Company: Motor Cycle Innovation Pty Ltd.

The Brand: MOTOINNO ®

The Technology: Motoinno TS³ ®

TS³ = Triangulated Steering & Suspension System ®

The revolutionary Motoinno TS³ technology is a completely NEW hub-centre steer based design for motorcycles. YES hub-centre steering has been tried before, because it’s a fundamentally better system than telescopic forks, but it’s not been done like this! 

Motoinno TS³ technology is UNIQUE and PATENTED.

Motorcycles have had telescopic forks for over 100 years, however manufacturers have always been aware of their inherent flaws but have failed to develop a system that didn’t bring with it, it’s own issues and problems.

Australian based R&D company, Motor Cycle Innovation Pty Ltd accepted the challenge and using the experience of all the failed previous attempts, have developed the Triangulated Steering and Suspension System. The Motoinno TS³.

14 years in development, it is a performance and safety game changer, on the road and on the track. It can replace existing forked suspension and steering on almost any make of sports motorcycle and, because of its stability and lower centre of gravity, it is ESPECIALLY suited to ELECTRIC motorcycle design. 

The Motoinno patent overcomes the significant limitations of conventional motorcycle design by reducing load transfer and front end bias of traditional forked steering and suspension. It improves cornering and braking and provides measurably more stable and safer handling, while retaining a classis motorcycle appearance. Importantly. it doesn’t look like a double-ended wheel-barrow.


Forks and their steering system present a major problem in that steering, suspension, and braking are all interconnected and each impacts the other two. When you brake, the braking forces are sent through the suspension, which leads to suspension compression. This in turn limits travel and the ability to ride bumps and steer, while under braking. 

Historically, spring rates and damping forces are increased to slow down the dive and offer support on weight shift, however, this in turn, hugely compromises suspension performance. A Catch-22.

Further, Telescopic forks are unstable levers that set up harmonic oscillations from the wheel or the king pin and become more pronounced on reaching the rear tyre.

All of this causes forces that produce torque around the steering axis, or steering head, which needs to be massive and bulky to cope. That force needs to go somewhere and that is the rider’s arms, then body, legs, the rest of the bike and more wobbles and weaves, result. A steering damper helps but only deflects the forces somewhere else.

Motorcycle riders, generally, have become astute at riding what is basically a twitching, flexing beast, but many riders DON’T master the vagaries of conventional suspension and they succumb to the death trap that telescopic forks present

Numerous past attempts to supplant telescopic forks have resulted in disappointing outcomes, but the quest has remained – until now!

The final version of the Motoinno TS³ prototype was subjected to a same-day comparison test with a Suzuki GSX-R750, and delivered impressive results.

It was able to enter a corner faster under brakes, hold a tighter line, and could be picked up faster on the exit.

Impressive results that encouraged the Motor Cycle Innovation team to develop the Motoinno TS³ Moto2  racing motorcycle.  It is the ‘advertisement’ for the  TS³ technology which every manufacturer should have on a range of their sports petrol motorcycles and ESPECIALLY their EV motorcycles, for which it is the perfect front-end set-up!
Telescopic forks integrate steering, suspension and braking and because each one of those compromises the other two, they are inherently dangerous.
Telescopic forks are unstable levers that set up oscillations in the motorcycle that unsettle it and become more pronounced on reaching the rear tyre.
Without these dangerous oscillations, the Motoinno TS³ motorcycle sits more securely, more safely on the bitumen and rather than sweeping around bends, understeering as telescopics do, the Motoinno TS³ motorcycle exhibits a tighter turn arc with less lean. Less lean means more tyre on the road and more traction, safer balance.
With a wide 54º steering (as compared to 38º on teleforks) it exhibits an ultra-tight turning circle little more than twice the length of the bike.
The Motoinno TS3 motorcycle has a tendency to ‘squat’ front and rear – there is always at least 70% of travel available for suspension. The wheel base remains constant and the bike more stable. 
Because the Motoinno TS³ technology makes a motorcycle more STABLE, it’s also SAFER and because it’s more stable and safer, it can be ridden FASTER.
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