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With a lower centre of gravity, much reduced body weight and more room for packaging batteries, the Motoinno TS³ technology is ideally suited to electric bikes.

  • Electric motorcycles can be up to 1½ times as heavy as an ICE (internal combustion engine) bike.
  • the problems inherent in telescopic steering are multiplied again with the increased weight and power of the vehicle itself.
  • The lack of space available to package the massive battery is also an issue.

The Motoinno design eliminates these multiplying factors and improves the handling and safety of the vehicle, including:

  • Separation of steering from braking and suspension. Each function is operated independent of the other functions.
  • Reduced weight and a shorter load path to the centre of the bike, lowering of the COG of the bike and increasing handling performance.
  • Increased and more favourable ‘packaging’ space for the battery system.
  • Reduction of bike wallow and geometry changes under braking and acceleration, creating added stability and handling.
  • Eliminating stiction and front-end oscillation harmonics which improves the safety and handling and decreases the possibility of front end crashes.
  • Eliminates front end packaging problems while increasing strength and reducing overall weight.
  • The Motoinno TS³ motorcycle can be braked later, into and through a corner, has a higher rate of turn for less lean and can be accelerated sooner out of a corner. It is measurably quicker, from entry to exit.

The Motoinno TS³ technology provides vastly greater functionality, stability and safety.

There is nothing else to compare.


Motor Cycle Innovation Pty Ltd uses only the highest quality materials and components to create the best individual exotic motorcycles for the international collector’s market.

Each numbered machine is designed to fit the customer’s requirements, needs and style.

Other manufacturers’ engine choices will become available after the first year of Shockwave production; including inline triples, fours and alternate V Twin configurations.

Electric motor (EV) models are also being developed for the future.


Performance, technology, stability, safety, compliance, style, value and passion.

Motor Cycle Innovation Pty Ltd is here to deliver all of the above in one package.

We only build the best for people that appreciate the best; You know who you are.

Your needs. Your specifications.

Your Quality. Your style.

Motoinno – Ride The Future
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