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Motoinno TS3 and Motorbikes with Internal Combustion Engines

These motorcycles will be created using the highest quality components, the newest and most advanced technology available with the best performance a motorcycle can achieve on road or track with the best visual design and aerodynamics, to guarantee its permanency in the history of motorcycling.

They will include the motorcycles for a select global clientele of high net worth collectors and enthusiasts and appreciators of advanced technology and machinery.

All limited edition and numbered production units are composed of only the highest quality components – including titanium components and fasteners, certified aerospace aluminium components and the use of fully structural carbon composite components for structural, aerodynamics and bodywork.

Triumph 765 powered TS³

After the successful launch of the Moto2 race bike, Motoinno will produce a limited run of bespoke Triumph 765 powered road bikes, based on the Motoinno TS³ Moto2 race motorcycle.

Ducati Testastretta powered TS³

Following the 765 based roadbike, Motoinno’s next run of limited edition machines (up to 50 numbered units) will be introduced as the ‘Motoinno TS³ – Shockwave’ using the Ducati Testastretta 11 degree 1200 water cooled engine offered in Ducati’s Monster range.

This 135bhp unit can also be turbocharged if your need for 200+ brake horses is required. Not that this is really necessary as our power to weight ratio makes the Motoinno a very powerful unit as standard. Recognised weight from a conventional system can be reduced by 44% to as little a 110 kgs for a 1.2 litre motorcycle.

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