Extensive testing of the all-Australian designed, more stable, measurably safer, internationally patented paradigm shift, known as the Motoinno TS³ technology, strongly indicates that history is about to be made with the launch of the Motoinno TS³ Triumph 765 based Moto2, race motorcycle.

With outdated and dangerous telescopic forks superseded, the Motoinno Moto2 race motorcycle is the most sophisticated and technically progressive mechanical front-end design for motorcycles developed to date. It is the ‘advertisement’ for technology that will come to inhabit every sports and racing motorcycle, across all manufacturers, into the future: Yamaha with TS³, Ducati with TS³ Suzuki with TS³ etc.

With private investment of over $1.5 million and extensive prototype testing over 13 years, the Motoinno TS³ technology is a performance and safety game-changer – on the track, and on the road. It can replace out-dated, dangerous, forked steering and suspension of almost any make of sports motorcycle.

This technology has the potential to revolutionise motorcycle safety in a similar way to the introduction of the anti-lock braking system (ABS) for cars and more recently motorcycles.

The Motoinno TS³ technology will improve bike handling and save lives:

»            Unique patented technology

»            Outperforms telescopic fork systems

»            Greater manoeuvrability and stability

»            Later braking and tighter turning ability

»            Increased speed through and exiting, corners

The Motoinno TS³ technology improves cornering and braking, delivering safer handling, while retaining a classic motorcycle appearance.

To prove its safety advantages over other steering systems, Motor Cycle Innovation Pty Ltd has built a 765 Triumph-based Moto2 race motorcycle. It is the ‘advertisement’ for the TS³ technology which MCI are confident will ultimately replace forked steering globally during the life of its patent, primarily because of its exceptional safety benefits.

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