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Motoinno TS3 Data


On-track testing results of the Ducati 900 prototype, collected through 2011 to 2015, validate the test rider s’ observations. The Motoinno TS³ prototype displayed significant differences to, and benefits over, a well-mannered motorcycle with a conventional fork based steered stanchion.

Results include:

Under braking, the lack of dive in the Motoinno TS³ technology offers more stability and builds confidence for the rider. There is no bike wallow or weight shift inherent as in a telescopic fork unit.

The Motoinno TS³ technology achieves a more direct entry into a corner than a normal flip flop counter steer manoeuvre and it achieves a higher rate of turn for less lean through a corner. This means more contact patch on the road in any given situation.

Changes to throttle position or braking input on the prototype have little or no effect on the motorcycle’s ability to hold a line through a corner and any change in direction does not affect its stability into a corner, mid-corner or on exit from a corner – a major cause of steered stanchion accidents.


The Motoinno TS³3 technology is less influenced by unbalanced suspension movement mid-corner and therefore less affected by changes in the road surface or camber.

On the entry to, during and on exit from a corner the Motoinno prototype has the ability to hold a tighter line with less effort from the bike or rider.

Under controlled and extreme braking (even in a full front wheel ‘stoppie’) the prototype demonstrated that it does not suffer from unbalancing ‘stiction’, lateral or horizontal oscillations (bouncing) in the front suspension whereas telescopic forks did.

The Motoinno design has no corner lean issues associated with alternate steering systems.

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