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Amazing Success Stories

I also play with lines and discover that regardless of corner entry or turn-in point, if there is a slower rider ahead, I can simply push the bike a bit.


“Certainly, the thing that's absolutely sticking in my mind, is that you come on the front brake and it just feels like, flat...smooth, and stable. It's very predictable. You put it.

Steve McDowell – Professional rider trainer & commentator

“The thing that I found the most unsettling, is that it behaves well when it should behave badly and you can do something and think, hang on, a telescopic bike wouldn't.

Steve McDowell – Professional rider trainer & commentator

I doubt I ever went through the Broadford esses quicker on any of the fifty or so bikes I’ve ridden at Broadford down the years, than I did on the TS³...I.

‘Sir’ Alan Cathcart. (Renowned moto-journalist)

It's incredible! I can't believe how predictable it is. I'm blown away, absolutely blown away...Back it off in a corner... it just stays there. Accelerate in a corner... it just.

Steve McDowell – Professional rider trainer & commentator

Why am I so comfortable on this bike? The answer is that I am a front-end rider and I always need a planted, solid and confidence-inspiring front end to be.

Jeff Ware –
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