Steve McDowell – Professional rider trainer & commentator

“Certainly, the thing that’s absolutely sticking in my mind, is that you come on the front brake and it just feels like, flat…smooth, and stable.
It’s very predictable. You put it in there it just stays there. You push it in, you want to pick it up, you pick it up. Kind of like set and forget. That’s how it feels to me.
Not only did I throw in bad lines without any problems… I thought, let’s try an early entry and let’s see what it does… and it just gave me an early exit too.
That’s really surprising, we’ve grown so use to, you know, if you do something wrong …like you back off in a corner, it’s going to get unstable …and this just doesn’t.
All the way through every corner, I knew what it was doing. That’s the best way I can put it into words.”

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